Two-Sided Transparent Touch Screen for Chimps at Houston Zoo!


DoubleTake Technologies and the Houston Zoo are taking interactivity with animals at the zoo to a whole new level!  DoubleTake created the first ever two-sided, transparent touch screen so chimps can play African drums with the visitors!  The exhibit is currently only open to the public during special random chimp training sessions. The interactive exhibit is expected to open officially later this year.  This video contains raw video clips of the latest chimp training and evaluation session with public visitors.  More to come soon!

DoubleTake Creates Two-sided Transparent Touch Screen for Chimps at Houston Zoo!

DoubleTake Technologies created the first ever two-sided transparent touch screen for chimps at the Houston Zoo!  Chimps and visitors can interact by playing African drums together!  The Houston Zoo primate keepers are currently training the chimps in preparation for the exhibit opening later this year! More information to come as we move closer to the new exhibit opening to the public!


DoubleTake Creates 10 ft wide Interactive Experience for AF Global at OTC Houston 2014

DoubleTake Creates 10 ft wide Interactive Experience for AF Global at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston 2014.   DoubleTake provided 122″ diagonal rear-projection screen controlled by a DreamScreen3000 touch screen, which is the largest interactive experience at OTC this year!

DoubleTake Redefines the Event Photo Booth with Throto…”The Throwable Photo”!

DoubleTake Technologies redefines the event photo booth…with Throto…”The Throwable Photo”! Take event-branded photos at our 80″ high-tech, transparent acrylic ThrotoBooth screen and flick or “Throw” them to your friends or large screens at an event! Throto is Social. Take old school style photo booth photo strips with your own phone and flick share them with your social networks or large screens at an event! Just install the Throto app from your Google or Apple App stores, create or join an event, and start throwing pics! Let our partner PRP Entertainment ( provide amazing entertainment and operate the Throtobooth at your next event!

DoubleTake Creates Innovative Branded Match Game for Life Technologies

DoubleTake Technologies created an innovative branded matching game for Life Technologies to entertain and educate booth visitors at the International Association for Food Preparation Trade Show in North Carolina.    Visitors at the booth competed for the best time in finding all matches by quickly touching a matrix of branded card images representing various aspects of the Food Preparation Industry.    DoubleTake’s DreamScreen3000 acrylic, rear-projection touch screen helped catch the attention of the attendees!   Life Technologies is a global life sciences company that believes in the power of science to transform lives.

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Students do a DoubleTake at UT Tyler with the World’s Largest Glass Kinect and Touch Screen

DoubleTake Technologies ( launches the world’s largest 85″ glass Kinect and Touch Screen at the University of Texas at Tyler in Tyler, TX. The system is used to display news, information, events and provide a unique wayfinding solution to help students find the location of classrooms, events, and more! When the user walks up near the screen the Kinect for Windows sensor and camera places a transparent background video of the user onto a “You Are Here” location on the floorplan and provides animated directions from the screen to any of the locations in the University Center. To make the experience even more unique and fun, the users can wave their arms and hit falling stars around on the screen while standing on the floorplan :) The University Center Welcome Staff can also use DoubleTake’s FlickIT Technology to “flick” content from their tablet or laptop onto the large screen! Students can also “flick” content from the large screen to their tablet and take it with them!

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