DoubleTake Redefines the Event Photo Booth with Throto…”The Throwable Photo”!

DoubleTake Technologies redefines the event photo booth…with Throto…”The Throwable Photo”! Take event-branded photos at our 80″ high-tech, transparent acrylic ThrotoBooth screen and flick or “Throw” them to your friends or large screens at an event! Throto is Social. Take old school style photo booth photo strips with your own phone and flick share them with your social networks or large screens at an event! Just install the Throto app from your Google or Apple App stores, create or join an event, and start throwing pics! Let our partner PRP Entertainment ( provide amazing entertainment and operate the Throtobooth at your next event!


DoubleTake helps BMC Software shine at DreamForce Show!

DoubleTake Technologies helps BMC Software draw a crowd at’s DreamForce trade show!  DoubleTake created a branded touch matching game for the BMC Software booth for the DreamForce trade show, which is a huge annual event for business, IT and other professionals.  Booth visitors competed to see who can make all the matches in the fastest time!  The actual booth was designed by our partner 2020 Exhibits.  BMC delivers innovative IT management solutions that have enabled more than 15,000 customers to leverage complex technology into extraordinary business performance.  Check out BMC on Facebook:


DoubleTake Launches New Touch Screen Rental Program

DoubleTake Technologies is excited to launch our new touch screen rental service!  We are now making our DreamScreen3000 touch screen available to rent for events!   Now clients can take advantage of our eye-catching, crowd-stopping solutions for a low rental fee!   We have successfully completed our pilot phase of the new program and are excited to report great success among the clients that rented the DreamScreen.    The DreamScreen easily ships in two professional flight cases and installs in only 15 minutes!  We also provide custom interactive software development services to create amazing and fun user experiences that will get the crowd’s attention.   We can create custom branded games, customize our LaunchPad media presentation software, and build custom software that integrates our “flickit” technology that makes is possible to flick content from mobile devices to the DreamScreen during the events!

Draw a crowd at Trade Shows

DoubleTake Creates Innovative Branded Match Game for Life Technologies

DoubleTake Technologies created an innovative branded matching game for Life Technologies to entertain and educate booth visitors at the International Association for Food Preparation Trade Show in North Carolina.    Visitors at the booth competed for the best time in finding all matches by quickly touching a matrix of branded card images representing various aspects of the Food Preparation Industry.    DoubleTake’s DreamScreen3000 acrylic, rear-projection touch screen helped catch the attention of the attendees!   Life Technologies is a global life sciences company that believes in the power of science to transform lives.

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grandopening night 2 73" touch screens

SAP Houston Glass Conference Room Window Touch Screens

DoubleTake installs two 73″ diagonal touch screens on SAP Houston office conference room glass walls in preparation for their big facility grand opening tonight!   The two 73″ touch screens span 2 existing conference room glass wall panels.   We also used our new touch screen laptop wall mount enclosure product that allows easy access, security on the laptops, and does not take up space in the room.  The sales teams use these touch screens for demos during regular business days as well as big partner and customer events.  DoubleTake also provided a customized version of our LaunchPad menu application to include launching demonstrations of the SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer 3D model data visualization software.    The screens are used as touch screens on the outside or the lobby side and projection screens on the back side during meetings inside the conference rooms.   Here are just a few pics, more videos to come!

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